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500-538 Tool Kit



Top row:

1.     Improved welch plug installation tool. We added a recess machining to the press end. Fits over 95% or our carburetors.

2.     Installation tool for our “bath tub” shaped welch plug. Shown here assembled as a handle on our new tool for removal of 84-613 and 615 check valves. These check valves are used on all our purge carbs.

3.     Upgraded welch plug removal tool. Also fits 95% or our carbs.

4.      Check valve installation tool for older Walbro carbs.

5.      Walbro LED 8x Magnifier. This high quality magnifier is retractable to protect the lens. And it has replaceable batteries.

 Two brass “W” gauges”:

1.     New metering lever height gage for all Walbro models that are not on our old gauge.

2.     Metering lever height gage for all older Walbro models.

 Remaining tools:

1.       New reversible straight/Philips magnetic screwdriver.

2.       Slide hammer for removing older check valves and installing 84-613.